Kids Museums Last Updated 11/16

Have you got some little ones looking to be entertained – really little ones? This itinerary should please them very much. Feel free to pick and choose here, or go all out with a multiday east-to-west museum blowout!

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Lutz Children’s Museum, Manchester

The Lutz Children’s Museum has many displays tailored for young children. Weather permitting, you might first want to go for a hike through the adjacent 52-acre Oak Grove Nature Center, then have the kids explore the museum, where walk-through, hands-on displays take them through Main Street, Farm, Art and Live Animals areas.

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The Kidcity Children’s Museum, Middletown

The Kidcity Children’s Museum in Middletown describes itself as being “for one-to eight-year-olds and their favorite grown-ups.” There are three floors of fun and activities here, covering dinosaurs, space, trains, farms, sailing and music. There’s a video theater and the magical, mysterious sounding “Toddler Sea Caves.”

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Imagine Nation Children’s Museum, Bristol

Be sure to include a visit to the Imagine Nation Children’s Museum in Bristol, aimed especially at kids age 10 and under. Featured here are multiple hands-on exhibits, many dreamed up by the folks at nearby ESPN, and an original 1940s soda fountain.

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The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport

Now take a southerly turn toward The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, home to more than 100 exhibit areas and galleries featuring interactive, hands-on explorations of science for all ages. There’s a full-dome planetarium as well.

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Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk

Finally, there’s the quite remarkable Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk. There are always events on the calendar here and a helpful “Exhibits by Age” chart on the website. Children under 10 “will benefit from our fun and educational exhibits which foster exploration, discovery and imagination by learning through play,” the museum says.