Rent a Boat to See the Best of Connecticut Last Updated 7/18

One of Connecticut’s greatest attractions is its long-standing love affair with the water — from its history as one of the country’s first maritime ports to today’s shoreline and riverside marinas filled with fishing boats and pleasure craft. Even if you don’t have a yacht (or a dinghy) of your own, there are many places you can rent, hire or charter a boat to explore some of the best sights (and most amazing views) on the water. 

Charter a Sailboat
Rent a Canoe (or Kayak)
Hire a Fishing Boat
Enjoy a Sightseeing Cruise

Charter a Sailboat

There’s nothing like the feeling of sailing on the open water. Whether you’re out for a day sail, a sunset cruise or a weekend adventure, you can find a sailing charter in Connecticut. You may even want to take a lesson or two yourself!


Enjoy a Private Sightseeing Cruise

Just want to see the sights but don’t want to deal with a crowd? You can charter a boat to tour Connecticut’s waterways, see wildlife and more. Travel across the Sound to Long Island, visit Fisher’s Island, Block Island or even Newport. Spend the night in a private stateroom or take a day cruise around the harbor on a vintage yacht! If you interested in some history, take a tour on a 1908 coal-fired streamboat.