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Connecticut’s 10 Highest Waterfalls

For your Hiking & Viewing Pleasure

Everyone enjoys a good waterfall on a summer day. The rush of water over and through rocks is thrilling, the air temperature is notably cooler and there are usually good swimming and/or picnicking spots nearby. Height may not be the only thing you’re looking for in a waterfall, but it’s a good place to start. According to, here are the 10 highest falls in Connecticut:

  1. Roaring Brook Falls, Cheshire. Located on land owned and maintained by the Cheshire Land Trust, this waterfall features an 80-foot drop and is spectacular after a heavy rain.
  2. Mount Carmel Spring Falls, Hamden. Located within Sleeping Giant State Park, this fall of 76 feet comes to live in spring or during a rainy period in summer.
  3. Kent Falls, Kent. One of Connecticut’s great natural attractions, Kent Falls drops in stages that amount to 250 feet over a quarter-mile stretch. It is located within Kent Falls State Park and features nearby grassy areas and picnic tables.
  4. Great Falls, Falls Village. This is a mighty enough waterfall so that the surrounding town was named after it – but these days the volume depends upon the release of water from an upriver dam (or a heavy rainfall). Very impressive when the water level is high, however.
  5. Buttermilk Falls, Plymouth. Truly a hidden gem, Buttermilk Falls is a lovely extended waterfall located in a hemlock glade owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy. The blue-blazed Mattatuck Trail runs alongside.
  6. Wadsworth Little Falls, Middlefield. This is a 52-foot stepped drop through surrounding Wadsworth Falls State Park with nearby hiking trails for easy access.
  7. Dean’s Ravine Falls, Canaan. As with most Connecticut falls, the best time for viewing is after a heavy rain or during spring snow melt-off. According to, this fall, when viewed from the bottom, pours water from a gap in the cliff above.
  8. Stair Brook Falls, North Branford. This fall is not far from the blue-blazed Mattabesett Trail.
  9. Burr Falls, Torrington. These falls, featuring a drop of 43 feet, are located within Burr Pond State Park, making them a nice added feature for an outing, hike or picnic.
  10. Yantic Falls, Norwich. These high and wide falls in downtown Norwich are also known as Indian Leap Falls after a legend in which warring tribes battled to their deaths here.

To this list we must add one of our own, Campbell Falls in Norfolk, which seems to be so secluded that it appears unknown to Campbell Falls is located within Campbell Falls State Park Reserve on the Connecticut/Massachusetts border, and, in truth, the 100-foot falls may actually be located just over the line. But it is a spot well worth seeking out, especially on a summer day.


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