2019 Spring Greenhouse Show

March 15 - 22

Show features a spectacular array of spring bulbs and plants. The show, tours and sale will take place in the historic greenhouse in Elizabeth Park. The show is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Included in the floral display are French hyacinths, muscari, tulips, daffodils, amaryllis, begonias, scented geranium, pansies, violas, and Spanish oregano, as well as a collection of tropical plants. The Conservancy will add additional plants for the sale from Geremia Greenhouse in Wallingford, including hydrangeas, lilies, hellebores, calla lilies and a few fun surprises. The bulbs and plants were grown by Conservancy Horticulturist Rosemary Aldridge; Head Gardener Peter Winne; Gardeners Wesley Gage and David Rivera, and many volunteers.


Elizabeth Park
1561 Asylum Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06117
United States




(860) 231-9443

How to Get There