Lecture Series: Yale Norfolk School of Art: The Ethics of Color

May 23 - June 20

Yale Norfolk School of Art will offer a thematic program, made possible by Norfolk Foundation, Inc., called “The Ethics of Color” that will include a series of public lectures covering divergent topics such as the language of color theory coupled with human rights legislation, color as a material witness to disaster, new materialist conceptions of brown and the environment, W.E.B. Du Bois’s infographics utilizing color and data for analysis and activism, and an 1980s art exhibition in Black and White. Yale Norfolk’s co-directors, Byron Kim and Lisa Sigal, will seek new ways to engage audiences with “The Ethics of Color” presenters. The roster of speakers will influence the students’ summer dialogue in a structured way, culminating in a digital archive of these interactions. Yale Norfolk seeks to engage with the Norfolk public but also with a broader public geographically to build a more diverse audience during the summer period. Receptions will follow each lecture to enhance this synergy.

Schedule: May 23, 30,  June 7, 13, 20.


Yale Norfolk School of Art
20 Litchfield Rd.
Norfolk, CT 06058
United States



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