Pick Your Own Peaches

July 13 - September 3

Come out to the farm to pick your own peaches. The peach has been around for millennia and is considered a succulent, tasty fruit for use in different kinds of dishes all over the world. But the benefits don’t just stop at taste. Peaches are a valuable source of nutrition, and peach nutrition helps your body fight free radicals, prevent cancer and protect your heart from disease. Peaches are also high-antioxidant foods that have anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, which is why peach nutrition offers a slew of impressive health benefits.

Like our apples, our peaches are eco-certified, grown using agricultural methods that preserve and protect our orchards’ ecology. Varieties available early in the season are classified as ‘cling-stone’, indicating that the sweet flesh of the peach clings to the pit or stone. ‘Free-stone’ peach varieties become available mid to late season.


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