"The Three Little Pigs" & "A Couple of Puppets"

February 16

In this version of The Three Little Pigs, BB (a reformed wolf with allergies) sells real estate to the new pigs in town. This puppet show by acclaimed Long Island puppeteer Liz Joyce features hand-carved marionettes, musical numbers, and lots of laughs. This show is 35 minutes and is recommended for ages 3+.

A Couple of Puppets is actually a lot of puppets and a bunch of wonderful puppet shows. The company was created in 1990 by Liz Joyce. Since then, over 25 shows for children and their families have been brought to life. Themes such as growing things and saving the environment, along with classic fairy tales with a twist, have been added to the company's long list of puppet shows. Shows are performed live with music and hand-crafted puppets. In the early stages of her career, Liz worked with and apprenticed with Terry Snyder, a master puppeteer from Richmond, Va. Her artistic approach to puppetry has also been influenced by European puppetry traditions and the eccentric energy of New York's downtown performance artists. She honed her carving skills working with traditional puppet carvers in Prague, Czech Republic, and often collaborates with other puppeteers in the international puppet community. 



Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry
1 Royce Circle
Storrs, CT 06268
United States




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