Connecticut One Tank Getaways

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Imagine a bright and sunny summer afternoon, sitting by the waterfront, digging in to a hearty feast of fresh New England seafood. Or, for outdoor enthusiasts, how about kayaking through rivers, surrounded by beautiful, lush greenery? All this and more is closer than you think, in fact, one tank of gas away! 

This summer, Connecticut is unveiling 24 themed getaway options that appeal to all types of travelers and that will only require one tank of gas to accomplish (applicable to travelers living anywhere from Boston to Philadelphia).  So, don’t let any weekend go to waste - get in the car and fill-up the tank; this summer’s road trip is just a tank away.

Stretch your legs and get the blood pumping with outdoor activities in Connecticut! The reward is more that just endorphins, but the breathtaking Connecticut scenery that is viewed during any of these activities.

People want to return from vacation feeling like they have learned something new and brought bits and pieces of arts and culture home with them. Connecticut’s wide variety of world-class museums, attractions and immersion experiences allow visitors to travel to different time periods and worlds…if only for the weekend.

Connecticut is the perfect place for the quintessential American family road trip this summer. You don’t have to travel to Africa for an unforgettable safari experience or the Caribbean for a memorable beach vacation. Family fun is closer than you think!

Take a break from the present and go back to history. There's no better place to escape the stress of modernity than a visit to historic homes and towns in Connecticut.

In need of a truly restful and relaxing vacation? Look no further. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to Connecticut.

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