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Collection of New Haven Museum
Greater New Haven
"Fun, Fascinating and Made in the Elm City: ‘From Clocks to Lollipops: Made in New Haven’"
Venue: New Haven Museum
Dates: September 18, 2014 - May 30, 2015

This exhibition highlights an astonishing variety of goods that were, and some that still are, produced in the Elm City.

Galleria Accademia, Florence, 1945
Greater New Haven
"An Artist at War: Deane Keller, New Haven’s Monuments Man"
Venue: New Haven Museum
Dates: December 7, 2014 - May 9, 2015

In 1943, a handful of soldiers whose job it was to protect cultural heritage during wartime were dispatched to Europe, for the first time in history. Deane Keller, a painter and professor of art at Yale University, was among them. The exhibition An Artist at War: Deane Keller, New Haven’s Monuments Man, celebrates Keller’s life and his contributions to the preservation of many of the world’s most iconic works of art.


Fairfield County
"Mobilizing the Home Front: Posters from World War II"
Venue: Fairfield Museum
Dates: January 16, 2015 - May 10, 2015

In honor of the 70th anniversary of VE day, this exhibition features World War II posters that were used to raise support for the war effort at home.



Otis Kaye, My Cup Runneth Over, 1950s
River Valley
"Otis Kaye: Money, Mystery, and Mastery"
Venue: New Britain Museum of American Art
Dates: January 17, 2015 - May 10, 2015

This exhibition features thirty-four works that display a mastery of the highly realistic, trompe l’oeil technique in curious compositions of currency, letters, and other symbolic items that make reference to political, economic and social issues facing America, and Otis Kaye personally, during the first half of the 20th century.


River Valley
"Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland, 1861-2008"
Venue: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
Dates: January 31, 2015 - May 31, 2015

Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland will be the first major exhibition to use visual art as a lens to explore the lure that Coney Island exerted on American culture over a period of 150 years.

River Valley
"Michael C. McMillen / MATRIX 171: SIDESHOW"
Venue: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
Dates: January 31, 2015 - May 3, 2015

The museum celebrates the 40th anniversary of its groundbreaking MATRIX exhibition series with the work of Los Angeles native Michael C. McMillen.


Fairfield County
"My Sky"
Venue: Stepping Stones Museum for Children
Dates: January 31, 2015 - May 25, 2015

Get ready for the incredible exhibit My Sky funded by NASA and created through a partnership between Boston Children’s Museum and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.


Francis Oliver Hale in uniform
River Valley
"Hale Family Memorabilia"
Venue: Museum on the Green
Dates: February 1, 2015 - November 30, 2015

Passed down to the last male descendent of Francis Hale. The Hale family is one of the more prominent family’s known throughout the history of Glastonbury. The Hale family descends from Samuel Hale, one of the founders of Hartford. Samuel was one of the original settlers, immigrating before 1635. 


River Valley
"A Body in Fukushima”
Venue: Mansfield Freeman Center at Wesleyan University
Dates: February 3, 2015 - May 24, 2015

A Body in Fukushima is a haunting series of color photographs and videos presented in a groundbreaking exhibition across all three of Wesleyan’s galleries.



Mystic Country
"Peter Halley: Big Paintings"
Venue: Florence Griswold Museum
Dates: February 6, 2015 - May 31, 2015

The exhibition of nine monumental paintings highlights the evolution of Halley’s bold style and the sophistication of his ideas.


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