Instagrammable Connecticut: Virtual Escapes Last Updated: August 2023

Our minds can all use a little “escape” during this difficult time. One way to help break up our thoughts is to reflect on the beauty around us and within our state.

We’ve collected a variety of photos from Connecticut residents and visitors showcasing beautiful destinations across the state. We hope that reading through this list will provide you with a brief moment of “escape.”

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Walnut Beach in Milford


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Located on the Long Island Sound, Walnut Beach is a beautiful destination that boasts one of Connecticut's longest boardwalks.

“As a landscape photographer, Walnut Beach and Silver Sands State Park are some of my favorite locations to visit and photograph. I enjoy being close to the water and feeling its energy.” – @skfranks

Lyman Orchards in Middlefield


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The sunflower patch at Lyman Orchards has been around for over 50 years and features over 300,000 sunflowers. Each year, the blooming patch is crafted into a new and unique design.

“Lyman Orchards has a beautiful sunflower patch that I visit every summer. It’s the perfect setting, a field surrounded by sunflowers with rolling hills behind it. It doesn’t get much better than that.” – Chandler A.

Black Rock Harbor Light in Bridgeport


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Black Rock Harbor Light is located in Seaside Park at Fayerweather Island. The lighthouse is accessible to the mainland by a breakwater.

“The location of this lighthouse is very quiet and secluded, it’s on a little island and has a nice view of Black Rock and Fairfield. It’s a great destination for getting sunrise/sunset photos.” – Patrick D.

Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford


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Among the hiking trails and scenic vistas at Lovers Leap State Park, you’ll find this remarkable lenticular truss bridge that sits over the Housatonic River.

“I’ve always admired the bridge at Lovers Leap and I knew an aerial photo using my drone would look great once the leaves changed colors. I also spent some time walking the bridge and encourage anyone to do the same.” – Scott P.

Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam


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It looks like a medieval fortress, but a step inside Gillette Castle reveals built-in couches, table trackway, and woodcarvings that were home to legendary stage actor William Gillette.

“This location is serene and peaceful and the beauty of the Connecticut River adds to the experience. It is a great place to unwind after work and relax in nature.” – Michael H.

Wooster Square in New Haven


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Wooster Square is a neighborhood full of historic charm and beauty. Cherry Blossom trees line the streets and bloom to full peak in early April. 

“I’ve been visiting Wooster Square for quite some time now. It’s such a gem in New Haven and the cherry blossoms are truly a sight to see.” – Melissa B.

Yale University in New Haven


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Yale University is the third oldest university in the country and has been around for over 300 years.

“I wanted to photograph some different views of Yale that many people don’t regularly see. This one caught my attention because of the bright yellow trees in Trumbull College courtyard. It made for a special fall moment on campus that I was happy to capture.” – R.J. D.

Saville Dam in Barkhamsted


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Saville Dam in Barkhamsted is one of the state’s architectural marvels and the majority of the dam actually appears unseen underwater.

Hubbard Park in Meriden


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Hubbard Park spans 1,800 acres and features a stone observation tower shaped like a castle atop East Peak.

“I really enjoyed the view of the reservoir; it was very scenic and memorable. I visited the destination because I love to hike and it seemed like a very beautiful place to go.” – @ladytrailmix

Talcott Mountain State Park in Simsbury


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Heublein Tower in Talcott Mountain State Park, is prominent Connecticut landmark that was formally a summer home of a prestigious Hartford family whose famous guests included Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

“The inside of the tower was beautiful, full of history and when you get to the top you can see a 360 view of surrounding mountains.” – Chandler A.

Downtown Mystic in Mystic


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The historic area of Downtown Mystic has been a center of ship building since the 1600s. Between 1784 and 1919 – the golden age of American maritime enterprise – more than 600 vessels were constructed along the Mystic River. 

“Mystic Seaport is one of my favorite places in Connecticut. I try and visit as often as I can, even just for a day trip. The picturesque downtown, great restaurants, and gorgeous water views make it a great destination any time of year.” – Haley E.

Meshomasic State Forest in Portland


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Meshomasic State Forest was acquired in 1903 and was the first state forest in New England. Today, the forest exceeds 9,000 acres and spans across five towns.

“Meshomasic Forest is part of my hometown and one of the best places to get away from everything. A visit here gives me peace of mind” – Jesse P.

Southford Falls State Park in Southbury


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You can find scenic waterfalls and an eight-mile river at the northwest end of Southford Falls State Park.

“I like to explore and go out in the nature but what took all my attention at this spot was the covered bridge. I’ve never seen one before and it was a total a new experience for me.” – Keyter P.