“Mysteries of the Ordinary” 

October 1 - 31

This October, the Geary Gallery of Darien is proud to present Mysteries of the Ordinary, featuring the land and shorescapes of contemporary realist, George Angelini of Ossining, NY.

George Angelini started drawing at an early age, trying to faithfully record his surroundings whether that meant a landscape, a classic car or his family members. His parents encouraged his interest, buying him endless supplies of pencils, crayons, erasers and reams of paper.

Angelini wasn't formally introduced to art training until his senior year in high school when he took his first art class. Although he earned accolades for his artistic ability, his eye was on a different career path and he entered New York University to study medicine. Art was calling him however, and to his parents’ chagrin, he was accepted to The Cooper Union in New York City taking extensive drawing, printmaking and sculpture courses.

He earned a BFA and worked as a successful illustrator for nearly thirty years before settling on a fine art career. In his current work he tries to evoke a mood with realism so that the viewer can experience the same emotion that made him originally want to paint the scene.

Angelini states, "Putting a brush to panel and creating a realistic scene is an inspiring and magical process for me, which I try to convey through my work. Being a contemporary realist evolved from my desire to create paintings that would evoke a deep sense of the mysteries of the world around us while retaining the essence of the reality in front of us."



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