"Abstractions: Shadows & Runes"

January 11 - March 26

Abstractions: Shadows & Runes is an exhibition of photographs by Joy Bush, of Hamden, CT. The photographs that comprise the exhibition are part of Bush’s observation of everyday life. Sometimes signs and portents form on pavement, on walls. The cracks, shadows, and stains converge, and through the artist’s lens, make us look at old surfaces with new eyes. 
Artist Statement:
Shadows & Runes takes stock of the mundane and unintentionally creative aspects of everyday life. Each image is a meditation, a time to pay attention to things that speak to me as well as to make a connection with my surroundings. Inevitably, something that might easily have gone unnoticed shows itself, becomes important, and rearranges the familiar.
The shadows on walls and ceiling as well as markings on the ground become their own abstract paintings. Every time that I believe I have exhausted familiar environments, I am caught by yet another shadow that forms across walls or ceilings and another mark or patch on the road created by anonymous artists who are unaware of their inventions.
These accidental and spontaneous abstractions both perplex and fascinate me and become an ideogrammatic language unto themselves. They are small wonders that we usually overlook; these photographs remind us not to."


The Gallery at Still River Editions
128 East Liberty St.
Danbury, CT 06810
United States





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