Corn Maze: "Thank You Our Heroes"

August 29 - November 1

Theme: “Thank You Our Heroes,” an appreciation for our Frontline Workers.

The iconic Statue of Liberty, a symbol that unites all Americans, is adorned with a giant Heart, the symbol that universally stands for our show of thanks and appreciation for our Frontline Workers during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  You will learn about nurses, medical professionals, EMT’s, fire fighters, charitable organizations, and more.  The Corn Maze is four acres, and there is a total of one mile of paths and hundreds of decision points.  There are 10 positions in the Maze which coincide with 10 multiple choice questions on a passport that guides the visitors, if you answer correctly you go the right way, if you answer incorrectly you get lost!.  The passports have multiple themes, you can choose the subject that most interests you.  We staff the Maze with Corn Cops who are there to assist as needed.  The average time needed to navigate the entire Maze is 30-40 minutes.  The Maze is interactive, engaging and fun for all ages.   

Donations  This is our 21st Corn Maze. Since 2000, we have donated $1 of every ticket sold to the American Cancer Society.  The accumulative total coming into this year is $623,315. In addition, this will be the first year that we will donate fifty cents of every ticket sold to the Connecticut Cancer Foundation.


Lyman Orchards
32 Reeds Gap Rd.
Middlefield, CT 06455
United States




(860) 349-1793

How to Get There