"Cover to Cover: How People Bind Their Books"

November 8, 2019 - February 9, 2020

There are as many ways to bind a book as there are types of books and types of readers. Before the Industrial Revolution, bookbinding was a separate trade from publishing, and many of the historic bindings that we see were bespoke products commissioned by their owners.
This exhibition will cover different types of books, from miniature books to enormous folios, gold-stamped publishers’ bindings to stab-stitched paper wrappers, treasured bibles to ephemeral almanacs, 19th-century marbled papers to 15th-century stamped leather, and more! Peer into the “guts” of historic bindings to see how they were constructed, from the bookbinder’s craft to the print and manuscript waste hiding inside.
Come judge books by their covers and experience some of Pequot Library’s hidden treasures.
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Pequot Library
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