"French Postcards"

January 14 - March 28

This winter, be transported to southern France with an exhibition of photography by husband and wife artists Penrhyn and Rod Cook.

In French Postcards, husband and wife photographers Penrhyn and Rod Cook, who collectively makeup PenRod Studio, present their individual interpretations of a trip to southern France in 2019. While the collections may not seem to share a commonality other than location, in statements about each other’s works, they both note the other’s ability to find, and amplify, beauty.

Of Rod’s work, Penrhyn states: “There is an atmosphere and intensity to Rod’s photography that I have always found compelling, particularly his treatment of the contemporary nude … his humanist approach and celebration of women and the female body sets him apart from others. Rod loves stories and his imagery often includes narratives that have something to teach us about society’s standards of beauty, and the Puritan need to cover our bodies. He takes ordinary people and shows them as unique and beautiful.”

Of Penrhyn’s work, Rod states: “Penrhyn’s images consistently surprise me because more often than not she reveals a new layer of her vision and abilities … She finds beauty in common things, has a razor-sharp eye for irony, and arranges the elements in her frame in unique ways that are often only evident after she has chosen to show you. She takes what’s near at hand and makes it art.”

Most certainly in these challenging times, we could all stand to pause and allow art to transport us to another time and place; to impart the flavor of another country in a time when traveling is not possible for most; to invite intimate connections when physical distance is so often kept; and to make a space for everyday beauties that may seem so often overcome by the darkness of our current days.

In lieu of an opening reception, the following special events are planned:

Date Night at KLG and Amaru:  February 4-5, March 18-19, from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Grab your love (or your friend!), even double-up with another couple if you’d like, and hit the village. First, you will visit KLG for an intimate tour of French Postcards, and walk away with a very special memento of the experience. Getting a culture fix will undoubtedly stir up your appetite, so then you’ll walk over to AMARU, a new Peruvian Bistro in Westville. You can choose to eat-in (order two drinks/two apps) or take-away (receive three chef-selected apps). $30 per pair/couple. Visit https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904054aa8ac2ea4f85-date3 to book your night out in February; visit https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/904054AA8AC2EA4F85-date4 to book your night out in March.

Valentine’s Day SalonThrive: virtual space for creative discussion on February 14, from 5 p.m.-6 p.m. Mix the Perfect Paloma, a special Valentine’s Day cocktail created at AMARU, or drop by AMARU in person to pick up your drink, and settle down with husband and wife artists, Penrhyn and Rod Cook, for an intimate virtual tour of their current exhibition, French Postcards. Visit https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwud-GqqTojEtTmD2SDaM18foh782NbsUq8 to register for the zoom meeting, and you will be sent the Perfect Paloma recipe to download.


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