Ghosts of Christmas Past Strolls

December 4 - 26

What noted creatures walks the streets at holiday season? What curse haunts the landscape of Mystic? Which spirit only appears at a local restaurant during the holidays and why? Which spirit favors Christmas Music? Might you hear her singing?

Find out all this and more on a Downtown Mystic Ghost Stroll guiding you through the bustling town of Mystic, in the historic drawbridge district. Walk by lantern light as we feature true stories of history and mysery, guests will have the opportunity to capture evidence of paranormal phenomena in the town and take a step back in time to stories filled with mystery and dark tales that are rarely told today. With holiday theme, we tell tale of spooky Christmas lore and honor the longstanding New England Victorian tradition as established by Dickens of telling a Ghost Story. The beautiful seaside town is filled with lore and tales that are sure to send a chill up your spine and leave you wondering who walks among us in the dead of night.


Cottrell Street
Mystic, CT 06355
United States




(860) 754-8923

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