Mystical Mondays Live Q&A

August 3 - December 21

Join the Seaside Shadows team as we host our interactive segment to answer your questions on Facebook Live. Each month, with three segments; Spooky Story Sundays (Legends & Lore), Cemetery Saturdays (New England history), and Witchy Wednesdays (magic, gods and goddesses). While we host them live, it's difficult for us to answer questions or comments, and we're sure you have them. We want to hear what you think, have you had experiences with the legends of which we speak? Have ancestors who relate to the burial sites we visit? Had some witchy success with a potion or spell? Are you taking some of our virtual tours during quarantine and have questions about those too? We want to answer your questions and chat with you live on select Mondays we will talk about the segments of the week prior. For the first Monday, all video segments up to that point may be addressed. All videos can be watched after live on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and previous episodes can be found via any of the above as well. Questions may be sent in advance via the group here or via messenger or DM on IG. Or, you can wait to ask us live, the choice is yours.

September 7th

October 12th

November 16th

December 21st


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