Omnium: A Bold New Circus

September 30

Omnium: A Bold New Circus is a leader in the global movement toward diversity, equity and inclusion. A unique, visionary not-for-profit breaking new ground in the world of circus arts as the first fully inclusive circus performing arts company. Through shared positive experiences among those who enjoy the circus, we enrich empathy among people of all races, colors, ethnicities and abilities and build aligned and supportive communities. Omnium believes that a circus experience with a full spectrum of people representative of all people and our global culture as artists, staff and audiences leads the way to a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive society.

Omnium Circus is a circus like no other, which The New York Times calls, “genuinely extraordinary.” It celebrates diversity and creates joy, laughter and positive experiences for audiences of all abilities. This uplifting production features an extraordinary cast of multi-talented and multi-abled performers who enthrall audiences with their extraordinary feats of human accomplishment and the astounding potential of the human spirit.


The Palace Theatre
61 Atlantic St.
Stamford, CT 06901
United States



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