Sunflower Festival

August 7 - 23

Tranquil Outdoor Experience - Erasing Turbulent Times

Discover some peace from this world's challenging times in our tranquil sunflower field. Wander through our 18 varieties of exquisite sunflowers thriving across four acres. These sunflowers are an array of brilliant colors: reds, yellows, cream, white, orange, and even green. This fulfilling two hour experience culminates in your choice of cutting one of the beautiful blossomsdiscovered on your walk to take home.

Not Only Sunflowers - An Experience Like None other

Our two Woodbury farms are comprised of woods, rivers, and fields. Some fields, like that of the sunflowers, are used to grow vegetables and fun experiences for our farm guests. When you visit the sunflower festival, be sure to stop by our Farm Stand to browse our produce, pantry, frozen, and flourishing plant items, many of which are grown right here on our farm. For your enjoyment, we also have cold water and iced tea available at our snack barn window. Food trucks are available Friday through Sunday of the festival weeks. Look out for announcements about add on events, such as yoga in the sunflowers, painting class, and sunflowers at sunset evenings! These events will be priced above the regular ticket price, and announced through our Facebook page and mailing list.


Farmstead Location of The Farm
281 Weekeepeemee Rd.
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