Winter Holiday Lights

November 21, 2020 - March 1, 2021

Boasting over 300,000 miniature lights wrapped in trees throughout Stamford Downtown, you surely will not be disappointed during your visit!

The Downtown display begins with Bedford and Atlantic streets where there are more than 80 trees awash in lights. This part of our display contains over 130,000 individual warm white mini-lights wrapped on individual tree branches giving the Downtown area a display worth making a trip to see by itself.

You will quickly be drawn to the Oak tree at the entrance of Ferguson Library. This tree has over 12,000 miniature lights wrapped on its branches and adds a tremendous splash of color in the center of Stamford.

Over 25 trees on Summer Street have their branches wrapped and are lit with the same warm white LED lights as Bedford and Atlantic streets. Almost 50,000 mini-lights adorn the trees along Summer Street.

The Kiwanis Park, a small park boasts a striking display with cool white mini-lights, dripping lights both in the trees, and on the adjacent building walls. Rounding out the Kiwanis Park display are festive ornaments hanging in the trees.

The Latham Park, an open space park boasts the same cool white mini-lights wrapped in the tree branches along with the dripping lights. This park however, has the added bonus of our Christmas Tree that has over 10,000 mini-lights displayed along with strobe lights that give an extra “wow” factor. The strobe lights are lit for 3 minutes approximately every 15 minutes, if you don’t see them, wait a minute and you will not be disappointed!

The Columbus Park contains what most of our visitors consider our biggest and brightest part of our entire Downtown Display. Columbus Park boasts our biggest Oak tree in Stamford. This masterpiece features over 80,000 multi-color mini lights wrapped on each branch all the way to every tip of the tree. This tree is wrapped in stunning multi-color LED lights and framed in warm white lights by the smaller street trees on the edge of the park making this display a photo worthy stop while viewing the lights in Stamford. The Columbus park tree will wow and put a smile on the face of even the biggest Grinch in town.

Stamford Downtown Special Services District invites you to come view our display every season from November until the middle of March! Hopefully, you will want to stay and walk around to take in the entire display while visiting our shops and restaurants throughout the city.


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