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Machimoodus State Park

Machimoodus State Park is noteworthy for its 300 acres of uplands, woodlands, meadows, river and cove waterfronts, hiking trails, bird watching, and scenic vistas.

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A network of three ponds is nestled near the park entrance abutting fields mowed for the benefit of the summer wildflowers. This landscaped entry area is scenic in appearance having been deforested many years prior and maintained as an open space today. Picnic tables are sprinkled throughout the area. A little over 10 percent of the parks’ land is maintained in this fashion, generally concentrated near the entry area. The parking area provides two vehicle/trailer spots for horse enthusiasts.

Many birders make use of the park throughout the seasons of the year. The couplet of ponds, in combination with their abutting wildflower meadows in summer and late fall, have consistently been good locations for diverse sparrows and warblers, juncos, bluebirds, phoebes in season, and other small birds, many stopping over on their migratory flights. Butterflies favor the area as well.

The balance of the park’s woodlands and uplands are home to four and a half miles of old farm roads and trails which provide easy access to the park’s 300 acres.
Mount Tom is Machimoodus’s high point at 314 feet above sea level. The old roads and trails that lead to its southern slope feature two lookout points. Both of these provide visitors access to picturesque and scenic vistas of the mouths of the Salmon and Moodus Rivers, along with overviews of the Salmon River Cove and the Connecticut River.

These are also key vistas for the seasonal observation of geese, mute swans, mergansers, bufflehead, black duck, and mallard. Bald eagles, both adult and immature, are regularly seen in the winter months.

Pricing: Free.

Other Amenities: Pet Friendly



128 Leesville Rd.
East Haddam, CT 06423


8 a.m.-sunset.

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