5 Connecticut Icons You Must Visit This Summer Last Updated: August 2022

Some of Connecticut’s summer pleasures have been around for a very long time and today deserve an “iconic” status. Go visit them when you get a chance and you’ll easily see why.

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1| The Wildcat at Lake Compounce

The national roller-coaster craze reached central Connecticut in 1927, with the opening of the Wildcat at Lake Compounce in Bristol.

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2| The Chester-Hadlyme Ferry

In how many places can you still observe or even take part in a ritual that began more than 240 years ago?

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3| Cornwall Bridge

Connecticut’s love for things old and charming finds one of its great highlights in a red covered bridge that spans the Housatonic River between Sharon and West Cornwall.

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4| Hammonasset Beach

Connecticut’s best-known beach got its start in 1919, when the state paid $130,960 for 75 parcels of land in Madison consisting of 565 acres, mostly right on the shore.

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5| Gillette Castle

Built in 1919 by stage actor William Gillette, the castle is a model of one man’s eccentricity. It’s located on a spectacular estate of over 100 acres high above the Connecticut River.