Instagrammable Connecticut: Flower Towns Last Updated 3/21

It’s no secret that Connecticut has stunning scenery at all times of the year. When springtime rolls around, a handful of towns throughout the state overflow with vibrant-colored flowers and plants. Although we’re all staying safe at home, we hope these pictures give you a bit of the experience of walking amongst the beautiful blossoms.

And be sure to check with each location before venturing out, as hours may change due to COVID-19.

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Hubbard Park Daffodils in Meriden, CT


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Home to over 600,000 daffodils, Hubbard Park turns into a sea of yellow once spring arrives. With multiple trails, foot bridges, and picnic areas, there are flowers everywhere you look.

“The bench has got the perfect location, where you’re nestled up to the tree line and you have a great view of Hubbard Park Pond. You’re also surrounded by daffodils, which just makes it that much better.” - @chandler_anderson

Greenfield Hill Dogwoods in Fairfield, CT


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Greenfield has spent decades caring for the beautiful dogwoods that line their streets during the spring. Every few years, more trees are planted so that Fairfield can remain painted pink and white each year.

Wildflower Meadow in Vernon, CT


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After noticing a significant decrease in wildflower and grassland meadows, Vernon planted 4 acres in the Tankerhoosen Valley Gardens to provide food for various animals. Later on, they added a pavilion that offers information about the land, its plants, and the environment.

“The Belding Wildlife Area is teaming with gorgeous, well maintained trails. My favorite thing to see is how this gorgeous location evolves with each season. It’s truly beautiful year-round.” - @sophiashaikh

Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms in New Haven, CT

The blooming of the 73 cherry blossoms planted around the perimeter of Wooster Square has been a celebrated occasion for more than 40 years.

“This picture was taken in Historic Wooster Square, a place that I called home for almost five years. Moving to New Haven from D.C., cherry blossoms hold a very special place in my heart.” - @chadherzog

Mountain Laurel Sanctuary in Union, CT


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The Mountain Laurel Sanctuary proudly features troves of this Connecticut state flower. Located in Nipmuck State Forest, the sanctuary was a project of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.

“I love this area of Connecticut, and specifically Nipmuck State Forest because of how beautifully wooded and rural it is! In early spring, the Mountain Laurels come into full bloom and there’s so much of it that you feel completely surrounded.” - @mikefinchaia

Larry Augur Farms Sunflowers in North Branford, CT


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North Branford is getting famous for their sunflowers. The sunflower field at Larry Augur Farms is the largest in town. To encourage North Branford’s growing reputation and to support agricultural growth, the town developed a program called The Sunflower Project, an all-volunteer group dedicated to creating a town brand identity through these beautiful flowers.

“This location is absolutely beautiful and unique. The Augurs are a wonderful family. It’s just wonderful to see how many people stop to come see it, and they will let you buy a bouquet of sunflowers, as well as fresh vegetables.” - @ashleyabel

Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge in Simsbury, CT


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Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge, a 19th century truss bridge in Simsbury takes you across the Farmington River amongst stunning flower boxes and hanging baskets.

“We loved how peaceful it was on the bridge, and all of the flowers are carefully maintained. Everything was perfect!” - @sharivik16

Laurel Ridge Daffodils in Litchfield, CT


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Springtime is beautiful in Litchfield Hills, and daffodils are one of the first types of flowers to appear. Litchfield’s rolling hills and woods make a picture-perfect stop in the nice weather.

“I love how quiet it is here. To me, the flowers always marks the end of the winter in Litchfield Hills.” - @lesliemullen

Colorblends House & Spring Garden Tulips in Bridgeport, CT


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The intimate gardens of this restored mansion in Bidgeport's Colorblends House & Spring Garden are overflowing with over 100 types of tulips. Overall, the garden has 50,000 different flowers that bloom throughout the spring and summer.

“This feels like it could be someone's home - someone who loves spring bulbs! There are always new ideas of color and form when choosing spring bulbs for your own garden." - @karlgercens

Elizabeth Park Roses in Hartford, CT


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Open 365 days a year, Elizabeth Park is on the national register of historic places. There are multiple flower gardens, but the park is most known for its enchanting rose archways and bushes.

“I love this location because it’s soft and romantic. It feels like and English garden right here in Connecticut. Elizabeth Park has just the right mix of elegance and charm.” - @jennifercontiphoto

Lavender Pond Farm in Killingworth, CT


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Lavender Pond Farm is the largest of its kind in Connecticut. Walking through the 25 acres of lavender blossoms is a peaceful experience for all looking to relax in the summer sun.

“Lavender Pond Farm is a gorgeous open field with a ton of space to take in the amazing smell and admire the landscape. It has a beautiful aesthetic and offers different activities to all kinds of nature lovers.” - @oceaniar

Pachaug State Forest Rhododendron Trail in Voluntown, CT


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A wooden boardwalk in Pachaug State Forest takes you past hundreds of brightly-colored rhododendrons for your viewing and immersing pleasure.

“This is a beautiful start or end to any of the close by trails. Time was taken into including an accessible trail for all to enjoy.” - @cheryl.brennan.61

Grace Farms in New Canaan, CT


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At Grace Farms you can experience nature, art, and community altogether. The fields of wildflowers inspire peace and doing good in the world.

“I love the peace and tranquility of the nature that completely surrounds Grace Farms. The energy of the wild nature juxtaposed with the unique architecture creates so many nooks for you to lose yourself in a daydream." - @mizutamastudio

Buttonwood Farm Sunflowers in Griswold, CT


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Every year, acres of new sunflowers are planted at Buttonwood Farms. These blossoms are then harvested and available for purchase to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Connecticut.

“Buttonwood Farms holds so many memories for me. It’s truly a standout location because of its delicious homemade ice cream flavors, paired with its breathtaking sunflower field!” - @savahnahjohnson

Mohegan Park & Memorial Rose Garden in Norwich, CT


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Jun 14, 2018 at 5:30pm PDT

Mohegan Park & Memorial Rose Garden in Norwich has swimming and picnic areas, fishing, and nature trails. While the gardens bloom June through October, the park is particularly noted for its stunning roses in late June and early July.

“Dancing Daffodils” at Halfinger Farms in Higganum, CT

Spend a day outside with family and friends at Halfinger Farms picking your own daffodils during their “Dancing Daffodils” event.

“Daffodils represent new beginnings and renewal. Come to pick your own this spring at Halfinger Farms Dancing Daffodils!” - John H.