At-Home Beer, Wine, Spirits & More: Connecticut Libations Last Updated 7/20

As we abide by social distancing guidelines and #StaySafeStayHome orders, Connecticut breweries, distilleries and wineries have innovated their offerings to bring good spirits right to your home. While many have provided curbside pick-up, to-go and delivery options, some have gone the extra mile to offer virtual classes, food pairings, and kits. Enjoy this quick list of options for your next from-home wine night or virtual happy hour celebration.

Local Breweries

Connecticut's nearly 70 breweries have made a booming scene for any beer connoisseur. As we stay safe at home, these breweries have repackaged their hoppy selections for maximum at-home enjoyment.

Looking for even more brewery buzz? Then explore an array of virtual experiences from trivia and workouts to meditation at Stratford's Two Roads Brewing Co.'s virtual tasting room. Tune into these live streamed events via Facebook for a taste of community.

Here's a list of additional breweries offering curbside pick-up, takeout or delivery:

Craft Cocktails

If you want to get creative with your cocktails, Connecticut has an assortment of offerings that allow you to be your own bartender at home or pick up craft cocktails to go. 

Hartford Flavor Company's Wild Moon Liqueur offers virtual mixology classes for you to refine your craft cocktail skills. Co-founder Lelania posts recipes beforehand and provides step-by-step instructions for viewers. From Margaritas and Mules to Sangria and milkshakes, there's something for everyone.

For a fun and simple night of self-bartending, try out a take-home cocktail kit! Bridgeport's Fifth State Distillery is making your next golden hour easier with cocktail kits. Whether it's a Bloody Mary or a Mule, their kits will make your next cocktail an easy task. Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill in New Haven is offering make-your-own margarita kits that can be ordered in a variety of sizes and taken to-go. Meanwhile, Conspiracy Bar in Middletown is another perfect spot to find a cocktail kit. This bar is offering special to-go cocktail list featuring unique make-your-own kits that come with all the ingredients to make 1-2 specialty drinks at home.

Here are a few additional spots to pick up craft cocktails to-go:

Wineries & More

From wine and cider to kombucha, Connecticut is filled with special drinks to sip while relaxing at home.

Hawk Ridge Winery in Watertown is hosting virtual wine and art events. Purchase a tickets and pick up your art kit and bottle of wine to create an at-home craft piece.

Discover the refreshing taste of immune-boosting kombucha. Looking to give back to frontline workers? East Coast Kombucha Co. allows you to donate discounted cases directly to the them.

Enjoy additional curbside pick-up, takeout or delivery options from these locations: