Do Look Down: Viewing Foliage from the Heights Last Updated 10/17

Thrill-seekers can see the brilliant fall leaves from a different perspective this season – enjoying the view from above. Tree climbing, zip-lining and adrenaline-pumping rock climbing are some of Connecticut’s more adventurous leaf-peeping offerings. Get the birds'-eye view of some of the state’s most breathtaking vistas where the full spectrum of vibrant hues is most visible and trust us, the effort is worth the ultimate reward.

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Hidden Valley Preserve, Washington

Just as Henry David Thoreau did his best thinking in the woods, this pretty suspension bridge named after Thoreau gives you a place to collect your thoughts as you contemplate the natural beauty of Washington’s Hidden Valley Preserve.

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Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center, Middletown

Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center offers canopy tours that combine zip lines and tree climbs. Race through the foliage on runs of up to 650 feet!

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New England Tree Climbing Association, Statewide

Tree Climb Connecticut teaches its students to safely climb trees that can reach up to 60 feet! Talk about intimate foliage views.

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Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, Portland

Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park offers outdoor rock climbing as yet another way of getting to the best views from the top. 

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Haystack Mountain State Park, Norfolk

Haystack Mountain State Park in Norfolk has a climb that will get your heart pumping, and the payoff is a 37-foot stone tower at the top. 

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Castle Craig & Hubbard Park, Meriden

Castle Craig and Hubbard Park in Meriden stands atop a 970-foot-high ridge with huge views off to the south, east and west. Glorious in fall.