First Date Ideas for Online Dating Last Updated: May 2022

Meet someone online? Planning a first date (especially when meeting for the first time) can be stressful. We’d like to help you out. Here are a few ideas to make date night go right.


Grab a Drink

Keep it classic – grabbing drinks is always a good idea when first meeting a date. Whether it’s coffee or cocktails, we have lots of ideas. Start planning with a few below.


Hang in the Park

If it’s nice out, why not take a stroll together? No pressure about who’s paying, no need to make a reservation – plus plenty of good views. Try our many state parks or check out the highlights below.


Try Trivia

One fun way to break the ice (and keep the conversation flowing) is to attend trivia together! Even if you don’t score high, you’ll have fun trying. Find the right night at spots across the state with the event hosts below.