Giving Back—Visiting and Volunteering in Connecticut Last Updated 3/19

“Voluntourism” lets you experience something new while giving you an opportunity to do a little good, too. A popular travel trend in many countries around the world, it’s also something you can do right here in the United States. And in Connecticut, we’ve got a few great suggestions on things you can do to get more (and give more) whether you’re a visitor or a year-round resident.

Help Out on a Farm

Ever wondered what it would be like to work on a farm? Several Connecticut farms invite visitors to help out with the chores, which might include anything from working on the harvest to helping to rehabilitate rescued horses. It’s a unique experience that is also great for families.

Work with Wildlife

Passionate about the environment? The Connecticut Audubon Society has locations all over the state and welcomes helpers who’d like to offer their time to study wildlife, count birds or identify butterfly species or even monitor frog populations. Plan your visit around certain times of the year and you may be able to act as a “citizen scientist” with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. 

Learn Something, or Teach Someone

Maybe you have a special skill or a deep interest in a certain area? There are lots of ways to give back, and get an amazing experience yourself, with these volunteer opportunities in Connecticut. 

Make more than memories with your visit to Connecticut. Find even more opportunities to volunteer, here.