Great Places to Hike with Your Dog Last Updated: May 2023

Nothing beats the freedom of getting out there on the trail — and that’s true for you and your best friend. Luckily, in Connecticut, we’ve got easy access to some of the most beautiful and diverse hiking in New England. Here are just a few of the places you can safely take your dog for a long walk, run or swim they’ll love (some even off-leash!) As well as a few places to “pawse” and enjoy a little downtime. This is by no means a full list, just a few suggestions that are currently open with social distancing guidelines in place.

Hearts Beating and Tails Wagging!

You know hiking is good for you. But according to, taking your dog for regular walks benefits the dog’s digestive system and can reduce excitability and destructive behavior like chewing, digging or scratching, too! Find the kind of trail that works best for both of you, and get out there!

Walks in the Woods

From state parks to nature preserves, graded trails to deep forest walks, Connecticut has all kinds of places to go for a hike with your dog.

Places to Take a Dip

Whether it’s simply a water view or a quick dip for a hot pooch, here are a few refreshing places to visit.

Off-Leash Adventures

Connecticut State Parks do require that dogs be on a leash at all times. But here are a few places we found where your pal can really let loose.


Sights to Be Seen

Your dog may not notice the beautiful scenery, but you will.

Worth the Climb

Like a view from the top? Check out these trails that offer great views.

See Where the Trail Takes You

Got a little more time? Pack up your pet’s extra food and water and head out on these longer hikes.

Happy Trails for You and Fido

Responsible pet owners and well-behaved dogs are welcome to hike in places like these throughout Connecticut. Just be sure to bring extra supplies, like food and water, as well as any first aid supplies and a shovel/enough plastic baggies to pick up after your dog.  

It’s common sense to keep dogs on a leash or under strict voice control at all times, for their safety, as well as the safety of any other hikers, dogs or wildlife.  And be sure respect wildlife and vegetation — Connecticut’s many hiking trails contain an amazing variety of natural beauty enjoyed by people and pets alike.