Instagrammable Connecticut: Lighthouses Last Updated: April 2023

In Connecticut, our lighthouses are one of a kind.  If you’re planning a coastal adventure or just looking for a day trip, these lighthouse enthusiasts will get you inspired! With our Instagrammable Connecticut series, we’re inviting Instagrammers to share their pictures — and their photo tips! Check back often for new topics. Or if you have some photos to share, tag your photos with #CTvisit!

Mystic Seaport Light, Mystic



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The #goldenhour light looks great on Mystic Seaport Lighthouse.

“I love walking my dog through Mystic Seaport in the quiet winter months. I snapped this photo with my Google Pixel during one of those walks on a sunny afternoon in early January 2017. I typically tweak my photos for shadows and brightness in Instagram but I don't like to use filters for outdoor shots. I live in Mystic, Connecticut and work at Mystic Seaport. It's a great location for outdoor photography.” — Lyndsey PF.

New London Ledge Light, New London



Did you know that New London Ledge is locally famous for the ghost of an early keeper, nicknamed "Ernie," who allegedly haunts the lighthouse?

“I had seen pictures of New London Ledge Light and loved the unique design it had. When I realized the full moon would rise behind it, I couldn't resist taking a shot. I shot the photo one evening during June with my Nikon D750 and a Tamron 150-600mm lens. The shot is a single exposure taken at 600mm, f/8, ISO 200, and 1/15 of a second. I shot the photo as a RAW file (which comes out of the camera looking flat), so I used Photoshop to add some contrast and correct the color balance. I live in the Boston area, but I drive to Connecticut often to visit a friend in Mystic and explore the area.” — Kevin J.

Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse, Bridgeport


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Capturing the views at Black Rock Harbor Light.

“My favorite part of the experience had to be hiking out to the lighthouse. It was my first time at this location and I always enjoy having to put in a little bit of footwork to get a desirable composition. This image was shot with a Canon 7D and Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. I decided to visit this location because of its unique lighthouse and landscape surrounding.” – James C.

New London Harbor Light, New London



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New London Harbor Lighthouse framed by the varied shades of spring green.

“I took the photo during the morning in early May, just as the leaves popped. The subtle color variations in the trees this time of year is beautiful. I generally shoot with my iPhone, since it’s always with me. But for this shot, I used a Canon 5D with a zoom lens to get closer to the lighthouse. I usually make light adjustments such as opening up shadows and adjusting saturation. I travel on the Cross Sound Ferry quite a bit, and this is one of at least 6 easily viewable lighthouses to see from the ferry ride from Orient Point to New London. The ferry is a very fun way to go back and forth between Long Island and CT/New England, and the ride itself is so scenic. I live on eastern Long Island, but visit Connecticut often.” — Howie G.

Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven



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The New Haven Lighthouse at Lighthouse Point in New Haven is located at the Eastern point of New Haven Harbor. Old Maps show it as Five Mile Point called that because that is the distance between it and the center of New Haven. It was also called Morris Point during the Colonial period.

“I took this shot in May, in the late afternoon using my iPhone 7. I used the Instagram filter “Clarendon” to brighten it up a little bit. I choose this lighthouse because it’s so easy to access to and it’s part of a beautiful park in New Haven—where I live. I like taking pictures of places I’ve been to so that I'll remember them when I get old.” — @irvzky

Saybrook Breakwater, Fenwick


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Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse is a sparkplug lighthouse located at the mouth of the Connecticut River.

“I decided to come there after a snow day thinking of finding snow on the stones that support the lighthouse, instead of white I found this beautiful golden straw field shining with the first sun rays giving a warm peaceful scenery during the hard winter. This was shot with a Nikon d3400, telephoto lens 70-300 mm, edited with Lightroom.” — @mariapaz_gh