Instagrammable Connecticut: Outdoor Murals Last Updated 1/21

From fire houses and large stairways to hotels and downtown facades—all across Connecticut you'll find murals giving color and new life to buildings. With our Instagrammable Connecticut series, we’re inviting Instagrammers to share their pictures. Check back often for new topics. Or if you have some photos to share, tag them with #CTvisit!

New Haven, Corsair Building on State St.


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Inspired by old travel post cards, developer Andy Montelli and muralist Josh Griffin produced this mural on the Corsair apartment building – which can be seen from the I-91 overpass.

Hartford, Huyshope Ave.


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"A group of my friends and I wanted to go around to all of the different murals around CT, learn about them, admire them, and take cool pics in front of them. When I first saw the mural, the thing that drew me in immediately was the contrast of the sisters’ hair. They looked the same but obviously different. That’s how I feel about my friend Lizz. She’s one of my best friends and Big Sister in our sorority. I also thought it was cool that a brother and sister painted the mural together."

New London, Art Mural Walk - "Racing Seahorses"


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Underwater spacemen, exotic shells, geometric shapes, community portraits, musicians, mosaics and much more are part of the six block New London Mural Walk. Discover the work of internationally acclaimed artists as well as aspiring local artists reflecting the rich cultural diversity of this small historic city on the Long Island Sound.

"I stumbled upon the mural while walking with a friend through New London. We realized that there was a mural walk in town and we enjoyed it while dodging raindrops. I enjoy photographing public art/graffiti/murals. This one is called Racing Seahorses by Carolyn McNeil. I found it whimsical." - Liz B.

Bridgeport, Painted Stairway at The Broad Street Steps


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"I overheard some people talking about making the stairs in Downtown Bridgeport more colorful. People in the art community ended up doing the mural. It made a lot of people happy to see a beautiful scene on those stairs."

Hartford, Pearl St.


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Sep 24, 2017 at 1:01pm PDT


This water-activated mural of Hartford's historic Charter Oak, by Adam Niklewicz of North Haven, is part of a statewide City Canvas public art program. When the wall gets wet, the image appears from the contrasting treated bricks against the untreated ones.

“I had a nearby job in Hartford the day I first noticed the mural. I thought it was some natural occurrence. Maybe some massive creeping vine had been there for years and left it’s shadow by protecting the bricks from the sun. After staring at it for a while, I realized my theory could not have produced the image. It had to be manmade." – Ed C.

New Haven, Square with Four Circles


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“The lines appear seemingly random at first, but by the end of the alley, they coalesce into this beautiful geometric design. It is cryptic and unexpected. It reminds me that art exists all around us, which is the stuff I try to capture. I saw it on Instagram and had to check it out!”

Norwalk, The Mad Lab


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The Mad Lab is a studio in Norwalk that’s a shared artist space to create art and host events.

New Milford, Connecticut Barn Quilt Trail


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For a quainter style of mural, try one of the Connecticut Barn Quilt trails. Barn quilts are paintings of traditional quilt patterns on large wood blocks hung on antique and vintage barns. Picturesque barns across New England have been rapidly adopting this growing trend. Hop on a bike or enjoy a leisurely drive following one of the mapped barn quilt trails such as the New Milford Barn Quilt Trail which showcases 8 different colorful quilt patterns in Litchfield Hills.

West Hartford, "Summer Secret Garden"


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Local Connecticut artist Jana Ireijo created this mural as a thank you to COVID essential workers. She created a "summer secret garden" mural at a bus stop in West Hartford for riders to enjoy during the cold months. 

Bridgeport, The Knowlton Walls

The Knowlton walls project is creating a mural park at The Knowlton. The goal of the project is to bring amazing talent from around the country to create more stunning walls for the public to enjoy for years to come.

Fairfield, The Circle Hotel

Local Connecticut artist Teresa Rainieri is known for creating artwork of iconic objects and people through a stark contrast of shadows and lines. She recently painted this mural on The Circle Hotel in Fairfield for the public to enjoy.