Passport Adventures to Connecticut's Farm Wineries Last Updated 8/19

We’re thrilled to welcome back CT Ambassador, Christina from Threads & Vino, who visited a few of Connecticut’s farm wineries and vineyards and documented her adventures on the way!

There are so many fun things going on at your local Connecticut Wineries. Wine releases, live music, and the Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries program. Check it out!

Grab Your Passport

"The Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries program is a fantastic way to taste the many award-winning Connecticut farm wines grown by our vineyards, explore all that our great state offers, and support our farm families,” says Connecticut Department of Agriculture Commissioner Bryan P. Hurlburt. “If you haven’t already picked up a Passport, visit any participating winery to get started. Visit a minimum of 12 wineries to collect your stamps to be eligible to win a prize. There’s plenty of time left to participate.”

Get a stamp, enjoy delicious, see gorgeous Connecticut vineyard views, support your local Connecticut farmer, and WIN SOME PRIZES! What a great way to spend your summer and fall.

Family, Food and Wine

Each Connecticut winery has their own style, their own “vibe,” so to speak. For example, Rosabianca Vineyards in Northford feels like you’ve just walked into your Italian grandfather’s wine cellar. Rosabianca Vineyards is all about family, food, wine, and great hospitality. Almost always, a family member greats the guests. Enjoy a glass of wine or tasting on their outdoor patio, or enjoy your wine inside their barn with views of the wine tanks. This season they are offering a unique experience for winery patrons: You can rent a table for two or four people in the vines (shaded if needed), complete with an extensive cheese plate and bottle of wine. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with your sweetheart or friends. The Rosabianca family pours their heart and soul into the wines they create. Lisa, daughter of owner Charlie Rosabianca, says, “We want to give our visitors a unique experience that is relaxing and all about enjoying the company of family, friends, and loved ones.”


Overlook the Vines

Nestled on the top of a hill only a few miles from Rosabianca is Gouveia Vineyards in Wallingford, one of the larger wineries in the state. The minute you step into the winery you get that indoor/outdoor feeling. This is because their tasting room has an entire wall of windows overlooking their vines—a spectacular view worth visiting. Winemaker Maryann Houde says, “Maintaining the vines that you grow on your vineyard is very challenging due to the climate and susceptibility to disease. But it is worth it in the end.” And we must agree! The wines at Gouveia are as wonderful as the vineyard views. Gouveia Vineyards is a great winery to stop by during any season.

Piece of Paradise

Right around the corner from Gouveia is Paradise Hills Vineyard and Winery in Wallingford, a winery that is full of life. You will see multiple generations running around the winery, pouring wine, and making sure everyone is enjoying their wine-tasting experience. They also have gorgeous views from their patio of their meticulously managed vines. Known for their CT grown, but Italian-style wines, Paradise Hills is always cultivating, fermenting and releasing a new, tasty, and interesting wines to enjoy. Another great winery to visit along the Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries Program Trail.

Plan Your Own Outing

You can’t go wrong with any of the local wineries participating in the Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries program. When you sign up for your Passport, take a look at where the wineries are located. You might be able to create your own “mini wine trail” for the day and enjoy not just one, but maybe two or three wineries. Also, don’t forget about the awesome prizes that are waiting for you when you complete your CT Wine Passport! Click here for more details.