Solo Travel in Connecticut: Time for a Self-Care Break Last Updated: October 2023

Treat yourself! You deserve to nurture and recharge your mind, body and spirit. And in Connecticut there are so many ways and so many places where you can safely step outside the traditional spa to experience truly unique and holistic approaches to self-care. Here a just a few ideas whether you’re immersing in a retreat or a solo getaway.

Ease into Sound Baths & Meditation

Embark on a sound journey and achieve a state of deep relaxation as a way to retune and rebalance. Vibrating bowls are said to promote relaxation and offer powerful healing properties. Traditionally used in meditation, the sound waves are believed to improve circulation and blood flow. Drum circles are also said to be good for the soul. The central beat encourages a meditative surrender to the rythm. Try it for yourself! Or, try traditional forms of meditation and mindful movement. Whether in person or online, Connecticut has many centering experiences for you to find the bliss you deserve.

Soak Up Forest Bathing

The scent of trees, the sunlight peeking out from in between leaves, this sense of connectedness and comfort in nature is referred to as Forest Bathing. The term is inspired by the Japanese concept of "taking in the forest atmosphere", and here's good news—Connecticut offers so many places where you can connect with the outdoors...and yourself. From farms to parks and from forests to trails, you’ll find a perfect spot to soak in the peace and beauty of nature all around you.

Chill with Cryotherapy

A “cool” way to revitalize your body, cryotherapy exposes you to sub-zero temperatures...and can be found at several locales across Connecticut. Cryotherapy chambers use liquid nitrogen or an electrical system to drop temperatures to -100 to -150 degrees Fahrenheit, drastically lowering skin temperature. Treatments tend to last for under 5 minutes and if you can withstand the deep freeze, it is said to ease muscle pain, as well as joint disorders like arthritis. And athletes and exercise enthusiasts find it helpful to heal injuries faster.


Lose Yourself in Labyrinths

Labyrinths date back to the medieval period, when people used them to ponder the complexities of faith, life and philosophy. You can find your zen in Connecticut, home to more than 70 labyrinths. Located across the state in various gardens, parks, preserves and farms, each one offers a unique spot for quiet reflection and contemplative experience. 

Seek Out Salt Caves

Anxious or stressed? Surrounded yourself with tons of Himalayan salt rocks. Speleotherapy, or salt cave therapy, is said to relieve stress and naturally cure ailments. Within the caves, microscopic salt particles are inhaled, and are claimed to absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins, from the respiratory system. Try it for yourself!