Connecticut with Teens Last Updated: April 2023

Planning an outing with the family can be difficult if you’ve got a teenager to please. Thankfully, Connecticut has some great pain-free experiences that will be fun for the whole family. Here are a few safely reopened spots that even your teen will enjoy.

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Ages 10-12: No More Baby Stuff

Too big for baby rides but still too short for the real scary stuff? Pre-teens and tweens can still be thrilled with a visit to an amusement park. Bristol’s Lake Compounce and Middlebury’s Quassy Amusement and Waterpark both have water parks as well. Or, combine fun with adventure while playing the challenging course at Copper Creek Mini Golf in Montville. 

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More Ideas for Pre-Teens

Spend the day exploring the outdoor exhibits at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo or Mystic Aquarium. Or for some fun when the sun goes down, catch a movie at a drive-in like Mansfield Drive-in or Pleasant Valley Drive-in.

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Ages 13 to 15: “Too Cool” for Mom and Dad

At this age, they want to spend more time with their friends than their parents. But if you take them to Foxwoods, they will love hanging out in the Tree House Arcade or get a real thrill jumping off a 34-story building with the High Flyer zipline. (As a bonus, Foxwoods is also home to the Connecticut location of the Instagram-worthy, celebrity favorite Sugar Factory).

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More Cool Ideas

For a day filled with outdoor fun, send them adventuring through the rock climbing, cliff jumping, ziplining, hiking and biking trails of Brownstone Adventure Sports Park in Portland. Or spend a little time hiking through trails with incredible views.

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Ages 16 to 18: Taking on the World

They may be licensed drivers by now, but there’s nothing like embarking on bike tour at the Bicylcle Tour Company in Kent. Or for fun on the water, join professional captains aboard a Lucky Strike Sport Fishing trip and catch anything from Bass, Bluefish, Black fish, and Black Sea Bass to Shark, Tuna, Marlin and Mahi-Mahi! For winter fun, try skiing, tubing, and more at Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort in Middlefield.

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A Little More Togetherness

Teens aren't adults yet, so don’t be surprised when they jump at the chance to spend time kayaking with the family at Black Hall Outfitters or re-join the family unit as you eat your way through the safely reopened spots on the Connecticut’s Pizza Trail. Discover more fun experiences perfect for everyone in the family, here.