A Visit to Clyde's Cider Mill in Mystic Last Updated: November 2023

Looking for something iconic to add to your bucket list this fall? Look no further than local favorite B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill. This instafamous venue is a must-visit for your October! Let us break down the ABCs of everything you need to know (or already love) about Clyde's: 

Apples Galore

Clyde's Cider Mill happens to be the last steam-powered cider mill in the whole country! The family-owned business not only serves as a piece of history in this way, but an opportunity for families to experience apples in a whole new way. Each season, the mill opens its doors and crafts an array of products for all ages. They even offer live pressing demonstrations on weekends to show the process from start to finish. Whether you like your apples sliced, baked, or pressed, you have to try one of the many delicious options on their menu! 

Baked Goods By The Dozen

What makes Clyde's stand out as a venue beyond their history is how much is stocked on their shelves and the pace you get to explore the store at! When you step foot into the main building, you'll be in awe at the many locally sourced jams and butters, bakery mixes, sauces, and desserts. The isles are one-way paths that make the walk-through experience feel more personalized and less rushed, too; so, take it all in! Your eyes will be busy looking everywhere until you make it up to the ever-popular front counter. There is where you'll place your order for what we hope is your new favorite or can't-miss treat. The take home staple of course is an apple cider donut; those who know how good they are know you can't just have one-so, be ready to be buy a dozen! 

Cider As Sweet As Honey

Remember: you can't leave here without at least trying a cider! From sippy cups, to slushies, gallons, and wines and hard cellar brews, Clyde's hosts tastings and specials that are sure to please. And with ample amounts of patio, table, and lawn chair seating around the property, you and your crew are sure to have a spot on-site to induldge in the taste of the season. 

To Keep The Fun Going...

After an afternoon at Clyde's, be sure to stick around Mystic and make a day (and night!) of it with a visit to some nearby local favorite establishments. 

Not too far are the following restaurants, perfect for sitting down with friends and family: 

For fall attractions, you should definitely check out: 


  • Live music, tastings, and the array of monthly events at Stonington Vineyards (which happen to be year-round, but stand out this grape harvest season!) 

This fall, make the most of all things apple and more by exploring near Mystic!

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Photo Credit: Clyde's Cider Mill, LiveWellCT, OnlyInYourState, & Westerly Sun.