White Water Thrills

If you’re a fan of white water fun, this is the time of year you’ve been waiting for. Connecticut’s rivers and streams run fast and full in spring, and after summer storms, so now’s the time for maximum thrills. You’ll have to judge when the day (and air and water temps) are right for you, but here are some areas to try.

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Farmington River Tubing West Cornwall & Cornwall Bridge Housatonic River Rafting or Canoeing
Farmington River Tubing

Farmington River Tubing

Begin with a refreshing tube ride down the Farmington River. The Farmington River Tubing course begins in Satan’s Kingdom, in New Hartford, and meanders two-and-a-half-miles, quickly or slowly, depending upon river depth and speed (always call ahead to find out about river conditions). The ride includes three sets of rapids and will take anywhere from one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours.

West Cornwall Covered Bridge

West Cornwall & Cornwall Bridge

Late afternoon, head west from New Hartford over to West Cornwall, where Connecticut’s famous and much-photographed red covered bridge crosses the Housatonic River. Stay overnight to get a jump on tomorrow’s adventures.

Clarke Outdoors

Housatonic River Rafting or Canoeing

Is there plenty of water in the river? Good, because you’ll be spending a good chunk of today on it, and maybe in it. Clarke Outdoors is the premier outfitter for canoeing, kayaking and rafting on the Housatonic. Go to Clarke’s shop in West Cornwall in the morning and a van will take your upriver to Falls Village, where you’ll enter the river for a 10-mile journey downstream. In all, the 4- to 5-hour trip will very likely be a highlight of your spring or summer.

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