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Tomato & Company

A cool, make-your-own pizza concept restaurant.

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A cool, make-your-own pizza concept restaurant.

Tomato & Company is a contemporary pizzeria merged with inspiration from the traditional pizzerias of Naples, Italy. Tomato & Company offers a menu that includes classic Napolitano-style pizza, well-known classics, or customer created pies made from a selection of high-quality ingredients presented in an interactive assembly line.

At Tomato & Company, you move down an interactive assembly line where you pick from an array of 40 fresh and gourmet toppings spread out, on a pizza made right in front of you — it’s like Chipotle, with pizza!

Lunch, Dinner



1599 Boston Post Rd
Milford, CT 06477


Tues-Thu: 11:00 to 9:00; Fri-Sat: 11:00-10:00; Sun-Mon: 11:00-8:00

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