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Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours

Find out about Mystic haunted legends and spooks when you take a Seaside Shadows Downtown Mystic tour or Mystic Moonlit Graveyard Tour. Connecticut native, and sensitive to the other side, Courtney McInvale Reardon, takes you by lantern light on the tour of your choice where she will answer these questions and more.

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What curse haunts the landscape of Mystic?

What historic artifacts and gravestone engravings have been found in Mystic's antiquated burial grounds?

Who keeps watch over the town's Civil War Office awaiting for her lost love?

What soldier anxiously paces his plot in hopes of telling people the truth of his death?

Do vicious supernatural creatures exist on our shores?

Find out all this and more legends and spooks when you take a Seaside Shadows Downtown Mystic tour or Mystic Moonlit Graveyard Tour. Connecticut natives, and sensitives to the other side make up the Seaside Shadows team. who take you by lantern light on the tour of your choice where you will find the answers to these questions and hear more spine-tingling tales of legends and lore in our coastal community.

The downtown tours go through the bustling landscape of shops and restaurants surrounding the famous drawbridge and our cemetery tours allow guests to walk through the Whitehall Burial Ground associated with the famously sighted ghosts of Whitehall Mansion. Downtown tours are offered Thursday and Saturday nights. Graveyard strolls are offered on Friday and Sunday evenings. Tour times vary seasonally and oftentimes there is a weekday offering on either Tuesday or holidays. Please see our calendar for details at as the schedule is subject to change. Special Events take place as fundraisers at historic sites throughout the state and bring in the most experienced and phenomenal special guests.In 2019, we have also partnered with the Thames River Heritage Park to offer ghost BOAT tours -- and we also our resuming our partnership with Dark Manor Haunted House to offer a TWICE the fear package deal in 2019

Having experienced the paranormal since growing up haunted in her childhood home, investigated by the famous Warren family,  founder Courtney Reardon believes in the truth of the paranormal being conveyed and Seaside Shadows tours will share the secrets of the unexplained with their guests, and teach them the little known facts about ghostly apparitions and the darker history that surrounds the Mystic Country. Guests will learn about events stemming from the 1600s to the present which have led to the development of spooky tales and active spirits throughout the iconic Connecticut community.

 Tours last approximately two hours. Certain midnight tour offerings are available on full moons and Halloween night. Special events and paranormal investigation times vary. Tours last approximately 120 minutes.

Pricing: March-Sept. and Nov.-Dec. $20. Oct. $25.

Other Amenities: Open After COVID, Groups Welcome



Cottrell Street or Hendel Drive
Tours meet at Mystic River Park or at Whitehall Burial Ground
Mystic, CT 06355


Tue., Thu., Sat.: Downtown Mystic Ghost Strolls.
Wed., Fri., Sun.: Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Strolls.
April-Aug.: tours begin at 8 p.m.
Sept.-Dec.: tours begin at 7 p.m.
Tour dates may vary, expanded hours in October.

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