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Bolton is known as "The Town for All Seasons," highlighting its profound natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor activity, all year long.

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Bolton was founded in 1720, is a small rural town located a convenient 20 minutes away from both Hartford and the University of Connecticut. It is primarily residential, with a population if approximately 4,900 individuals and an economy primarily made up of small businesses. It's the desination of many day trips for outdoor and nature-oriented activities. With the tagline "A Town for All Season," the community is defined by its natural beauty and welcoming residents - we invite you to join us for a weekend or a while!

Originally part of the town of Hartford, the area was referred to as Hartford Mountains or Hanover, until incorporation in October 1720. The northern half of Bolton was set aside in 1808 to form the town of Vernon. Quarries played a significant role in the area's developing economy, and Bolton Notch became the location of the small community of Quarryville. Prior to the railroad, granite was taken by oxcart to the Connecticut River where it was then shipped to major cities on the East Coast.

Parks & Trails

The Town is the proud owner and maintainer of three major parks: Herrick Park, Indian Notch Park, and Freja Park. You can learn more about these sites on the town's website.

The Town is also home to Bolton Notch State Park, Hop River State Trail, a portion of the East Coast Greenway, and the soon-to-be formed Nathan Hale Greenway.

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Facts about Bolton

Town/City established:

  • Incorporated in 1720.

Named from:

  • Named from Bolton in Lancashire, or the Duke of Bolton.


  • Tolland.

Notable citizens (past and present):

  • Ralph Earl, artist and portrait painter; died in Bolton in 1801.
  • Ron Hainsey, NHL defenseman for the Carolina Hurricanes.
  • Simeon Olcott, U.S. Senator from New Hampshire; born in Bolton in 1735.
  • William Williams, born in Bolton.
  • Maud L. Woodward, member of the Connecticut House of Representatives from Bolton, 1935-1940.

Top Five Attractions:

Annual Visitor’s Events:

  • Farm Day, Fish Family Farm; September.

Quality of the town/city:

  • Bolton is a rural town known primarily for its natural beauty. It's largely residential with a small-business economy and an impressive system of parks and trails.

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