Central Connecticut's Photo-worthy Sweet Treats Last Updated: February 2021

The best desserts look as good as they taste  and make for incredible photos. From monstrous milkshakes to delicious gourmet donuts, indulge in some tasty Hartford county and New Haven county eats and share a photo that’ll trigger even your healthiest Instagram follower’s sweet tooth.

Donut Crazy in New Haven, CT


Donut Crazy is a family owned and operated donut shop creating over 45 varieties of donuts each day. Varieties include cereal, PB&J, cinnamon sugar and more.

The Place 2 B in Hartford, CT


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The Place 2 B specializes in serving-up amazing brunch and lunch options, along with extravagant milkshakes like Chocoholic Cannoli, Berry Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Vanilla Birthday Cake.

“I went to a networking brunch with other local food and fashion bloggers in CT. We couldn’t wait to check out this restaurant that we’ve been wanting to go to” – Megan

Old Wethersfield Country Store featuring Grassroots Ice Cream from Granby, CT


Grassroots Ice Cream serves 36 different flavors and are always inventing new ones, like Boysenberry Jasmine, Lemon Raspberry Braid, and Rosemary Cashew Caramel. While the original location is in Granby, the Old Wethersfield Country Store in Wethersfield will serve you a scoop or two.

“You can tell they spend quality time crafting the ice cream. This flavor was goat cheese and blackberry. The goat cheese made it even creamier and gave it that amazing goat-cheesy tang…brilliant idea!” - @howaboutlunch.

Scoops & Sprinkles in Rocky Hill, CT


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Besides traditional cups and cones, Scoops & Sprinkles whips up something never-before-seen in Connecticut – waffle cone nachos!

“Inspiration for the waffle nachos came from making a custom ice cream cake for a customer who wanted crushed waffle cones on it. They are now on our menu and completely customizable!” – @scoopsandsprinkles.

Capital Ice Cream in Hartford, CT


Known as “The Happy Place in Hartford,” Capital Ice Cream serves a variety of fun and customizable creations in the form of sundaes, milkshakes and more.

“I chose ‘The Force’ right off the menu but customized it with coffee ice cream. I’ve traveled all over the state and sampled a ton of shops, but this was creative yet simple and satisfying. I would go back again for sure!” – Taylor K.

Icy Rolls in Granby, CT


Press your face against the glass and watch as your choice of ice cream flavor is flattened, churned and rolled to perfection at Icy Rolls.