Hot on the Trails Last Updated: July 2022

Connecticut is a place of many trails. Depending upon your tastes, or just what you feel like doing this weekend, there’s probably a trail for you to get out on and enjoy.

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Connecticut Wine Country, Statewide

You can explore the state and sample the great advances made by Connecticut vineyards by hopping through Connecticut Wine Country. There are more than 40 of vineyards and wineries you can visit, each with its own distinct features and flavors. (ft. Heartstone Farm & Winery)

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Connecticut Freedom Trail, Statewide

The history of Connecticut’s African-American community is told along the many stops here. Included are sites associated with the Amistad Case of 1839-42, stops along the Underground Railroad, and gravesites, monuments, homes and institutions.

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Connecticut Art Trail, Statewide

The scope of Connecticut’s art offerings is truly impressive, and you can take it all in with a trip here. You’ll discover treasures that range from European Old Masters to American Impressionism to vibrant Abstract Expressionism.

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Connecticut Barns Trail, Statewide

This is a delightful way to learn about and visit these iconic roadside symbols of the state’s agricultural past and present. There are actually seven different trails around the state, each centered in a barn you can visit and inspect.

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Connecticut Beer Trail

Still haven’t found the trail you like? Try the Beer Trail, Chocolate Trail, Antiques Trail, Women’s Heritage Trail - or how about just a good old fashioned Hiking Trail. We try to accommodate all tastes here in Connecticut!