New Haven: Apizza History Last Updated: August 2022

For generations, New Haven’s reputation as a destination for apizza or “ah-beets” has quietly given the town bragging rights over both Chicago and New York. Today, it still draws aficionados from all over the country and even the world.

New Haven-style thin-crust pizza

Similar to traditional Neapolitan-style pizza and baked in a coal-fired brick oven, New Haven-style thin-crust pizza originated in the 1920s when Frank Pepe opened his first pizzeria on Wooster Street. When Frank’s nephew Sal Consiglio opened his own place, Sally’s, on the same street, a legendary rivalry — and equally legendary New Haven-style pizza — was born. After those restaurants were joined by Modern Apizza in the 1930s, New Haven took on a destination status, and today pizzerias like Da Legna, BAR and Grand Apizza carry on the tradition.

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