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The Knowlton

This facility offers three indoor event spaces and a waterfront outdoor space. The Boathouse with 1,200 square foot deck on the river, the Armstrong Gallery  and 285 Gallery. All spaces have separate entrances and has an extensive... Read More

The Knowlton is a historic building on the Pequonnock River that was once home to Armstrong Manufacturing built in 1865. In 1891 Armstrong Manufacturing was commissioned to build the first hybrid electric car called the Armstrong Phaeton. Now The Knowlton has been re-imagined and re-purposed into an art and creativity hub. There are 3 unique event spaces, 27 artist studio and a mural park.

The events spaces:

The Armstrong Gallery usually has a artwork on display from The Knowlton's Artists. 

The Wilder Gallery  is a medium sized event space used for art exibits and events. 

The Two Galleries have a SoHo/Brooklyn feel to them with their 150 year old original floors and design from the 19th century.

The Boathouse is the newly renovated event space is one of Connecticut’s most unique large event venues.  This warehouse building carries the rustic industrial feel with its 27′ peak and three large 14′ garage bay doors that open up onto a 1,200 sqft deck overlooking the Pequonnock River estuary in the Washington Park Historic District on Bridgeport’s Upper East Side. 

The Mural Park on the walls and grounds of The Knowlon host art by some world renowened muralists:

Crash Mural bu CRASH

Bridgeport Mural by Bio from Tats Cru

Hope Mural by Jason Naylor

Mural by JPO Art 

Roses by Jenna Morello

Elephants by Craig Anthony Miller

Mantra by Nathan Brown

Never Give up & Peeker by Joe Iorato

Come visit The Knowlton for a Truly unique CTVISIT! 

Other Amenities: Open After COVID, Groups Welcome, Meeting/Event Facilities, Rental Units, Special Rentals



305 Knowlton St.
Bridgeport, CT 06608

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