Connecticut's Historic University Towns Last Updated 5/17

From the University of Connecticut to the hallowed halls of Yale, Connecticut has long been known as a destination for higher education. Many of its premier institutions have grown up to be closely interconnected with the towns and cities that surround them. Whether you’re looking at schools, coming for parents’ weekend or even attending a graduation, you won’t have to go far to find places to stay and eat, or things to do. And if you simply want to come check out the scene, we’ve got a few ideas that can help you turn a Connecticut campus visit into a mini vacation, from historic hangouts to hidden gems.

Yale University, New Haven

Founded in 1701, Yale University is perhaps Connecticut’s most internationally known institution of higher learning. Its diverse and dynamic campus spills over into the city of New Haven itself, offering both historic and cultural appeal. Of course, New Haven is also a foodie paradise, with Louis’ Lunch still selling the hamburgers they invented there in 1900 and what has been called the country’s best pizza at Pepe’s.


Get Schooled

Of course, Connecticut is home to dozens of colleges and universities, including Quinnipaic University in Hamden, Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Trinity College in Hartford and the United States Coast Guard Academy in Groton. And the towns around them have so much to offer students and visitors alike. Find more to explore at