Cat Lovers' Connecticut Last Updated: November 2023

Traveling with dogs is a huge trend. But why should Fido get all the attention? What about those who want to travel with or otherwise celebrate cats during a getaway? Come to Connecticut! The state has perfect places for anyone traveling with Felix. Or, if Fluffy stays home, you can still get your feline fix at one of these great cat-celebrating attractions.

Photo credit: New York Times best selling author, Luanne Rice. Shot while vacationing with her cats at “Hubbard’s Point” as she calls it in one of her many novels set in Connecticut.

Get Away With Your Cat

If your getaway includes kitty, Connecticut offers a variety of cat-friendly accommodations for the purr-fect stay.

Many hotels allow cats to be left unattended in your room such as the Farmington Inn in Farmington and the Study at Yale in New Haven. 

Here are some great places to stay where kitty will be more than welcome.

Vacation for Your Cat

If you want to bring kitty on your trip but give them their own experience, check out Happy Cat Hotel in Windsor. This cat paradise offers uniquely designed luxury rooms with themes including Kitty Kampground, Weekend in Purris, Kitty Kabana, Diva Las Vegas and more. The experience comes complete with amenities like daytime lounge areas and sun beds, wall climbing systems, full day enrichment activities, full-service grooming and even a gift shop.

Perhaps you’ll take your kitty to Paws Pet Resort & Spa in Cheshire for a stay in their own special cat condo in the hotel’s dog-free section. While you’re enjoying your getaway, you can relax knowing that your feline friend will receive plenty of loving attention from the experienced and certified Paws Pet Resort staff.

If you want to keep an eye on kitty while she stays in her own suite, try out Cat's Meow Resort in Avon, where you can watch your cat's stay through a webcam. In this spot, cats are pampered and no dogs are allowed!

Spots to Relax With Cats

For those visiting that need their feline fix, Connecticut offers some great places to enjoy the company of cats.

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee and a snuggly cat, check out Connecticut’s first cat café, Mew Haven in New Haven. While sipping a brew and nibbling a baked good, play with cute cats from local shelter Animal Haven, as they await their forever homes. This animal shelter connection means all the kitties you cuddle in this cafe are actually adoptable — so if your heart lands on a new feline friend, you may be able to bring them home!

For a strong cat theme, try savoring your coffee at Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee House and Café in East Haddam. This café doesn’t have any live cats, but you will be greeted by two six-foot cat statues, cat artwork, and many a cat pun in the menu such as the Catprese sandwich.

A little quality time with an animal can be therapeutic. If you’re a fan of cats and relaxation, take a trip to the Book Barn in Niantic to unwind with a book and play with the cats that live at this little sanctuary. 

Cats at Popular Attractions

Did you know that Mark Twain was a big cat fanatic? He once wrote, “If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.” At the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, you can take a tour of Twain's home and pick up a copy of the book Mark Twain for Cat Lovers.

Make plans for future cat outings! The Railroad Museum of New England may be closed until July, but it's the perfect place to see restored antique trains and rail cars and also spot a legendary trainyard cat. Turbo the Cat is the feline proprietor of the museum and even has a social media presence! Turbo has gained a Facebook following of fans who love his big personality.  When the museum reopens, come spot Turbo watching over the trains and the food of visitors. If you turn your back he may steal your snack, especially if it’s a sandwich – his favorite!

You can also plan ahead for a museum tour where you'll be greeted by a friendly feline! The Torrington Historical Society preserves and operates several museums including the Hotchkiss-Fyler estate, a beautiful Victorian era mansion. This historic site was home to Eddie the museum cat, who greeted guests on the grounds. Unfortunately, in June of 2023 Eddie passed away.

See The Big Cats

For an up-close view of large, exotic cats, take an adventure to Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo and see the big and breathtaking leopards and exceedingly rare Amur tiger cubs, Reka and Zeya. These tigers were born in November 2017 and are part of a threatened sub-species from eastern Asia, making them an uncommon sight to see.

Adopt and Volunteer with Cats

If you want to spend a day of your getaway helping kitties in need or if all the feline fun of your trip has inspired you to bring a cute kitty home, here are some great places to adopt. Many shelters also offer volunteer opportunities.