Shark Week Comes Early to Connecticut! Last Updated 7/19

The Discovery Channel’s annual “Shark Week“ festivities may not officially start until later this summer (July 22), but Connecticut museums and attractions are getting a headstart with all kinds of exhibits and shows about sharks. So if you can’t get enough of these ocean superstars, check out these Connecticut spots offering a closer look.

The Bruce Museum, Greenwich

Bruce Museum, Greenwich

At the Bruce’s interactive “Sharks!” Exhibition, that runs April 20-September 1, 2019, visitors can get up close and personal with life-sized models of a great white, hammerhead, and some of their living and extinct cousins, all while learning about environmental change and the threats to sharks’ natural water habitats.


The Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Norwalk

At Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium, you can be there when they feed the sharks in the tank, and even get closer at the touch pool. Then, watch in wonder as the Maritime Aquarium's dive team goes into 110,000-gallon "Ocean Beyond the Sound" tank and swims with sand tiger sharks, lemon shark and other creatures of the sea.


Mystic Aquarium, Mystic

With a dramatic recreation of some of the world's best undersea habitats, you can view sharks up close and personal at Mystic Aquarium. But it’s the touch and see "Shark Encounters exhibit" that will really pull you in. Plan a day to see the coral reef exhibits, plus the sea lions, penguins and beluga whales too!


SeaQuest, Trumbull

Trumbull’s SeaQuest gives you the chance to discover all kinds of interactive experiences, including a visit to Shark Lagoon, where you may even get a chance to hand-feed the sharks!


Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven

If you’ve had your fill of live sharks, head over to the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven and discover a few of their dinosaur-sized ancestors. You can dig up and examine fossilized shark teeth and more.


Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl & Grill, Bridgeport

Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl & Grill, Bridgeport

Visit Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill in Bridgeport, a unique underwater-themed family restaurant and bar with bowling. Here, families can eat and bowl under life-sized fish and sharks suspended from the ceiling, and also visit its 750-gallon saltwater aquarium with tropical fish.