Ghost Hunting Places in Connecticut Last Updated: November 2023

Halloween is not the only time to have a chilling encounter in Connecticut, but there's something about autumn evenings that can really give you the chills. There are many places in Connecticut where ghosts are said to lurk; in fact, Connecticut is said to be one of the states with the most paranormal activity in the country. After all, this is where the nation’s first witch trials and hangings occurred – three decades before the more famous trials in Salem, Mass. Here are a few places around the region to safely explore your dark side this season. (Warning, some aren’t for the faint of heart!)

Hartford & The Connecticut River Valley
Litchfield Hills
Greater New Haven
Fairfield County
Mystic Country

Litchfield Hills

The classic hill towns of northwest Connecticut are filled with stories of hauntings and bats in the belfries of the famous white-steepled churches. Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery in Burlington (Green Lady Cemetery) is said to be haunted by "The Green Lady". And the off-limits village of Dudleytown remains one of Connecticut's spookiest legends. You may not be able to visit the cursed land, but you can grab a beer at Dudleytown Brewing Company, inspired by the eerie tale. Below find spots that welcome the curious.

Fairfield County

Haunted lighthouses and mansions – the perfect recipe for a gripping read, a scary movie, or a weekend visit to Fairfield County. However, some of the strangest places are now off limits to curious visitors. The Fairfield State Hospital formerly housed criminally insane patients from 1931 until closing in 1995. And Easton’s Union Cemetery is said to be haunted by a “White Lady.” 

Take a Tour If You Dare

Want to get into the “spirit” of the season or just try a little amateur ghost hunting? Here are a few interesting tours that can be found around Connecticut.

Love being scared but not ready for the “real thing”? Here’s a list of seasonal haunted houses in Connecticut to thrill and chill!